Image of French's Party Deviled Eggs

French's Party Deviled Eggs

This egg is made for a party. Swap out the mayo with sour cream and add Dijon mustard for richness. Then top with a crispy onion crunch to leave guests wanting more. Don't forget to sprinkle with paprika.



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5 genius garage organization ideas

(NC) Often used as a catch-all for forgotten belongings, the garage is an underused space in the home. With a few simple hacks, you can maximize your storage and turn your garage into a useful extension of your home.

Here are a few ways you can organize your garage to make the most of your space:

Divide into zones. Give each family member their own zone to store their things. Kids can have their own “reserved” parking spot for toys and bikes while the grown-ups can have a dedicated zone for hobbies. Keeping everything organized in sections will help make finding things faster and more efficient, leaving more time for family adventures and all-around fun.

Store up, not across. The floor isn’t the only space available to you for storage. By implementing vertical storage solutions, such as scaffolding or wall shelves, you can make use of valuable wall space to make more room for a vehicle or work area. Use pegboards for tools and even crafting supplies to make the most of your area.

Prioritize space. Keep the most frequently-used items closer to the front of your garage. Daily items like bikes can be kept in easy-to-reach spaces, while seasonal things like holiday decorations can shift to higher areas.

Search for storage options. For vehicle owners, OK Tire will store your winter tires to free up space and ensure they are stored correctly. Or, try all-weather tires for year-round use – this way, you won’t have to worry about storing the second set of tires or any seasonal changeovers.

Park smart. Let’s face it, getting into a garage is hard enough when you’re an experienced driver. For the new drivers in your life, create guidelines on the floor with fluorescent tape to guide them into the spot. Park confidently, and without bumping into your belongings.

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