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Strawberry Spritzer

  1. Pour strawberries in a blender and process until blended thoroughly.

  2. Pour strawberries into a large pitcher; stir in soda and pink lemonade.

  3. Serve immediately.



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"Comm - Inori and Amber" by Ruff-Sketches

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Anastasia Bulavkina

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Digby Cheung

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3 tips to turn your house into a smart home

(NC) Many of us want to integrate the latest tech gadgets into our homes to keep them safe, secure and efficient. From security cameras to wi-fi-enabled thermostats, smart plugs to 4K televisions, smart gadgets are here to seamlessly connect your living space.

The Electrical Safety Authority and tech expert Marc Saltzman have teamed up to share tips to optimize home automation. Here are three ways to integrate tech effortlessly into your home while keeping electrical considerations in mind.

Smarten up your home security. Outdoor security features like video doorbells and cameras can keep your home secure. When choosing these types of security features, plan ahead with your licensed electrical contractor to have the transformer and associated wiring installed. 

Introduce smart temperature controls. Wi-fi-enabled thermostats are an effective and efficient way to control the temperature in your house. They monitor your schedule to help you save on energy and can be controlled from anywhere using a smartphone or smart home device. Remember, these wi-fi enabled thermostats require a specific voltage and may need additional wiring for installation.

Get smart with lighting. The right lighting will enhance any room in your home, and using smart plugs allows you to control it from anywhere. While many of these gadgets are available online, they may or may not be approved for use in Canada. Look for a recognized certification mark to ensure they are safe and have been properly inspected before you buy.

Find more tips online at

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