Grade 7 School Picture

Shawn M. Soles

( Grade 7 School Picture )
Saskatchewan born and raised in the west side of two cities.
( Prince Albert & Saskatoon )
A mixer of words and phrases without warning.
Mostly gibberish and personal perspective with a dash of obtuse.
This person is one against referring himself in the third person when writing a biography,
especially about himself...
I once made a phrase to describe myself.
And it goes a little bit like this:
”Little bit Looney I am, but all in good intentions. I don’t make sense, nor do I try to. Here to have fun, but not at the expense of others.”
I like to Create Abstract Digital Art while Listening to Baroque at High Volumes ( Antonio Vivaldi is my Favourite )

I like to Create Musical Noise, using various software. Reason 8 is where I bring it all together (I use soundcloud to keep my collection of creations)

I like to Create Playful Poetry

I like to Create 3D Models (Human, Architecture, Abstract Objects) I use Blender software.

I like to Create 3D Animations. I use Blender, iMovie, Adobe Premiere & After Effects.

I like to play Guitar (since about the tender age of 12)
First started on Drums, than Bass, and Flute! Oh and Spoons!
I am always Listening to Music! Love all genres and exploring new music to listen.
I promote "Creatives" of Art, Music, Literature, Fashion and more...
I collect and make mini-profiles of the "creatives" I have found over the years.

Other Interests:
TED Talks, Psychology, Art, Music, Literature, Rollerskating,
Learning, Advertising, 3D Animation, 3D Modelling,
Sound Editing, Sound Design, Digital Photography, Video Editing, Photo Manipulation

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